Sakura Dojo, 26 Winckley Square, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3JJ01772 & Friday Evenings 6.15 - 7.45 pm



Basics Class (Beginners Class)

The aim of this class is to teach the basic skills necessary for the practice of Aikido, and is a stepping stone for new members to safely join the general classes. The basics class is structured and emphasis is placed on:

– Basic warm-up/ stretching exercises

– Body movement practice

– Falling practice (ukemi)

– Introducing basic attacks, holds & strikes

– Basic Aikido techniques (pinning & projection)

Beginners are advised to start their training with this class, all you need is loose fitting clothing such as a T-shirt and jogging pants. If you have a suit from any other martial art, then wear that.

Please refer to the dedicated beginners page for more info.


General Class

This class is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced students, with the focus on the fundamental aikido techniques. Classes are structured – beginning with warm up exercises, basic body movements and falling techniques, before moving onto the practice of core aikido techniques.


Weapons Class

This class is geared towards the development of the weapon techniques of aikido, particularly the Ken (sword) and Jo (staff). Although aikido is popularly known by its empty handed techniques, there is also an extensive weapons syllabus intended to deepen and broaden your understanding of Aiki principles. The class caters for all levels and abilities.