Sakura Dojo, 26 Winckley Square, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3JJ01772 Evening 6.30 – 8:00 pm


Aikido  is not competitive, but a grading system is used so that students may keep track   of their progress. The grading categories begin with the learning grades – the   KYU grades – and continue with the teaching grades – the DAN grades.

The grades follow this sequence:

  • 6th        Kyu (beginner)
  • 5th        Kyu
  • 4th        Kyu
  • 3rd        Kyu
  • 2nd       Kyu
  • 1st         Kyu
  • 1st         Dan (This is the ‘Black Belt’ level where ‘hakama’ are worn.)
  • 2nd       Dan etc

At Preston Aikido Club we generally hold gradings twice a year. A student is graded on the basis of their performance and attendance at classes, as well as by a practical examination. Gradings from 1st Kyu onwards are carried at special Dan Grade courses. Attendance at courses is required for all grades above 6th Kyu.