Sakura Dojo, 26 Winckley Square, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3JJ01772 Evening 6.30 – 8:00 pm



Aikido   training is based on traditional Japanese methods, somewhat modified to suit   Western culture, and some of the words and actions may seem quite strange to   a first-time practitioner. The aim of the simple rituals that surround the practice   are intended to clear the mind and create an atmosphere of concentration and   respect suitable for learning. This also helps to avoid accidents. However,   this does not mean that the training is all serious – we aim to enjoy ourselves   and to practise in a friendly atmosphere.

Traditional   Aikido is not competitive, which helps encourage a friendly and supportive training   atmosphere. Its the responsibility of more experienced aikidoka (aikido practitioners)   to help newcomers, so you will not find yourself thrown hard when you start.   The training is designed to strengthen joints and muscles and improve flexibility,   as well as teaching technique, so you will find yourself able to receive throws   and locks as you progress. Carrying out some of the exercises at home in between   training sessions will help.

You can see how our style of Aikido was passed to us from O Sensei here:  Sakura Dojo Lineage